We truly believe that it’s a pure joy to mess up the concept of a standard wardrobe. Our challenge is to make simple pieces that are such a part of “pop culture” more interesting and exclusive. In fact, a touch of irony is the key which drives the designer creativity and the scrambled_ego philosophy: “because we love when couture is haute, but it’s so much fun when couture is POP”. In the collection textures, prints, and fabrics come alive on wide volumes and harmonious details as the colored tulle embellishments on t-shirts and dresses.

Born five years ago Scrambled_ego headquarter is located in the city of Ancona, Italy. The laboratory e-scrambled permits us to follow the whole process that starts with the artistic project, followed by the creation of the pattern until the production of the garment.


Once we receive the update from the online shop our laboratory will process the order which will be ready in 1-3 working days.

The research of the material is an essential part of our work: thanks to the supply chain, which involves only suppliers from the Italian textile industry, we are able to transform in our laboratory an excellent fabric into an original and high quality product. In this way we can ensure the traceability and quality of our garments.